Health Science Advisement and Evaluation Committee (HSAEC)

Health Science Advisement and Evaluation Committee (HSAEC) is a University committee composed of University faculty and local physicians, who evaluate the credentials of perspective candidates for professional school admission. The committee meets in June and evaluates the student's academic record (total GPA and math/science GPA), letters of recommendation submitted to the HSAEC file, and the student's personal statement and the interviewers' appraisals. Letters giving the committees recommendations are mailed to students in June. The recommendations are:

  • Not Recommended (No letter of recommendation is forthcoming from the University)
  • Recommended (awarded to approximately 15% of applicants)
  • Recommend with enthusiasm (awarded to about 55% of applicants)
  • Highly recommended (awarded to about 15% of applicants)

Approximately 90% of High Recommend students, 60% of the Recommended with Enthusiasm and 15% of the Recommended attend medical school directly following their graduation from the University of Delaware.

The HSAEC files can be opened as early as the freshman year, most often during the sophomore year and more rarely during the junior year. HSAEC files are kept for five year after graduation. A completed HSAEC file should contain:

  • Letters of recommendation: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior years (Official letters of Recommendation forms can be obtained from Ms. Ramona Wilson)
    • 3 letters from science professors
    • 2 letters from non-science professors
    • 1 letter from volunteer service
  • A personal statement (Junior year)
  • A resume (Junior year)
  • Transcripts (Junior year)
  • A small self photograph (Junior year)

Students wanting to apply for medical in their senior year, must schedule an interview with two committee members usually for the month of May. Interviewers are all voting members of the HSAEC and include University of Delaware faculty and local physicians. The interview varies in length from as little as 20 minutes to over an hour. The length of the interview is in no way related to the evaluation. During this interview, you will converse with the interviewer, guided by him/her. Some will ask questions. Others may simply want you to tell them about yourself. They will have the interview sheet information, a copy of your personal statement, and usually a copy of your University of Delaware transcript. Their questions may be derived from these or may be totally unrelated. Some interviewers may ask about current health care issues or other current events. There is no prescribed formula. Relax during these interviews if possible. We just want to get a better feel for who you are and what your goals and interests are. You will need to interview at medical schools eventually, so consider this good practice for that!