Health Science Advisement and Evaluation Committee (HSAEC)

The Health Science Advisement and Evaluation Committee (HSAEC) is a University Committee composed of University faculty and local physicians and dentists.  The Committee evaluates the credentials of perspective candidates for professional school admission through interviews and assessment of the students’ dossier – which includes the students’ academic record (total GPA, major GPA, and math/science GPA), letters of recommendation, and the student's personal statement. The Committee meets yearly in June, and Committee Decision/Recommendation Letters are mailed to students after the Committee has reviewed all students.  The Recommendations are:

  • Not Recommended (No letter of recommendation is forthcoming from the University)
  • Recommended (awarded to approximately 15% of applicants)
  • Recommend with enthusiasm (awarded to about 55% of applicants)
  • Highly recommended (awarded to about 15% of applicants)

Approximately 90% of High Recommend students, 60% of the Recommended with Enthusiasm and 15% of the Recommended attend medical school directly following their graduation from the University of Delaware.

You can begin your HSAEC file as early as your first year, however, most students begin their HSAEC file during their second year (and very rarely during their third year).  Your HSAEC file will be kept for five years after your official graduation date. 

A "complete" HSAEC file contains the following:

  • Letters of recommendation: (Official letters of Recommendation forms can be obtained from Ms. Ramona Wilson)
    • 3 letters from science professors
    • 2 letters from non-science professors
    • 1 letter from volunteer service*
    • 1 letter from shadowing experience
  • A personal statement (Junior year)
  • A resume (Junior year)
  • Transcripts (Junior year)
  • A small self photograph (Junior year)

An essential aspect of the HSAEC process involves evaluative interviews with HSAEC members.  Students who have started their HSAEC file and wish to apply for medical, veterinarian, or dental school must schedule an interview with two Committee members.  These interviews are usually conducted in the month of May during the students' third (Junior) year.  Ms. Ramona Wilson will assist in indentifying Committee Members, but students will NOT be interviewed unless their HSAEC file is complete.   Interviewers are all voting members of the HSAEC and include University of Delaware faculty and local physicians and dentists.  The interviews may vary in length from as little as 20 minutes to over an hour. The length of the interview is in no way related to the evaluation. The style of the interviews may also vary. Committee members may ask you questions about your academic record, future plans, and/or what you like to do outside of school, or they may ask you to read something before the interview so as to discuss the material during the interview.  Others may ask very specific topics about current events that may or may not be related to the health field.  At the interview, the Committee member will have your HSAEC file information, a copy of your personal statement, and usually a copy of your University of Delaware transcript. Try to relax during these interviews (if possible). The goal of the interview is to get a better feel for who you are and what your goals and interests are. You will need to interview at medical schools eventually, so consider this good practice for that!

Below is a link to the form necessary to begin your HSAEC file.  Prior to making your initial appointment with Ms. Wilson please print out the form, fill out (legibly) what you can, and bring this form, and your questions, to your appointment and we will begin your HSAEC file. YOU, the student, will be in charge of updating and maintaining this file.  Feel free to make appointments to review your file and add to it, however, it is up to you to keep it up-to-date.

Download HSAEC File Form

* Be aware that volunteering is different than shadowing, and that these are considered related, but different/separate activities. For further clarification please see Ms. Ramona Wilson.

* If you transferred to UD from another institution, and have taken less than 50% of the required courses (listed on the HSAEC form) at UD, then you MUST be reviewed by your prior institution.  If, however, your prior institution does not have a medical/dental school application review board (like HSAEC) or you have taken 50% (at least 5) or more of the required courses at UD then you are eligible to be reviewed by HSAEC.  There are, of course, extraneous circumstances that the Director is willing to review with individual students.