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Dr. Salil Lachke - Cataracts in infants

Salil Lachke, a developmental biologist and expert in gene discoveries associated with eye disease, has received a career-starter research grant from the Knights Templar Eye Foundation (KTEF) to expand his scholarship to infants born with...

Dr. Ulhas Naik - UD, Temple team sheds light on potential drug for hemophilia

Ulhas Naik's lab at the University of Delaware and Researchers at Temple University have published a study in the Journal of Biological...

Salil Lachke receives prestigious ARI Young Investigator Grant

Salil Lachke, University of Delaware assistant professor of biological sciences and a 2012 Pew Scholar in the Biomedical Sciences, is one of just eight researchers from around the world selected as an Alcon...

Cardiovascular investigation

Ulhas Naik, director of the DCRC.

Breast cancer research

Kenneth L. van Golen, associate professor of biology.

Native Delaware: Parenting's toll

Ian Stewart finds out if parenting take a toll on the immune system?

If you’ve ever been the parent of a newborn who demanded to be fed every three to four hours, your gut instinct tells you the answer is an absolute, unequivocal yes.

UD's Lachke selected Pew Scholar in the Biomedical Sciences

Salil Lachke, a University of Delaware biologist whose research is yielding new discoveries about the world’s leading causes of blindness, has been named a 2012 Pew Scholar in the...

UD researchers discover that JAM-A protein keeps blood clots in check

Ulhas Naik, director of the DCRC at UD

University of Delaware Alumni Weekend

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