Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to Biological Sciences at the University of Delaware.  We are delighted to share our expertise and enthusiasm for life sciences.  Now and in the future, the world faces great challenges, including issues in healthcare, energy, environmental preservation, and food production.  Many potential solutions are rooted in the life sciences.

On these pages, you will find information on academic programs for undergraduate and graduate students.  You will find tips on preparing for professional programs in medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy.  You will see many options and opportunities that lie ahead.

The department has vibrant research programs that involve undergraduates, graduate students, professionals, and faculty.   Collaborations with others on and off campus are valued.  Research highlights displayed on these pages are intended to catalyze conversations, encourage involvement, and stimulate the generation of new ideas.  

Since the dawn of time, humans have wondered about the nature of life.  We invite you to ponder this now – deeply and often – in the context of today’s knowledge and possibilities.