B.A. Degree in Biological Sciences with a Major in Biological Sciences Education


Degree Requirements

Students planning to major in Biology for the purpose of teaching science in secondary schools must identify themselves and plan their programs with the faculty advisor for secondary education as early in their academic careers as possible because this course of study includes significant study in education as well as biology in order to prepare students for the university's endorsement for teacher certification.

Download the degree checksheet for your own records: Biology Education Checksheet.

All of the following:

Biology Courses: A grade of C- or better is required in all BISC courses for a total of at least 33 credits in biology.

Course Name and Number Credit Hours
BISC 207-208 Introductory Biology I and II 8
BISC 302 General Ecology 3
BISC 306 General Physiology 3
a. BISC 305 Cell Biology (FALL only course), OR
b. BISC 401 Molecular Biology of the Cell
BISC 403 Genetic and Evolutionary Biology 3

Experimental Biology Courses

Two courses in experimental biology. The corresponding lecture is a prerequisite. (THE LECTURE AND THE LAB CANNOT BE TAKEN SIMULTANEOUSLY.)

ONE of:

Course Name and Number Credit Hours
BISC 312 Field Ecology (requires BISC 302) 3
BISC 316 Experimental Physiology (requires BISC 306) 3

And ONE of:

Course Name and Number Credit Hours
BISC 315 Experimental Cell Biology (requires BISC 305) 3
BISC 411 Experimental Molecular Biology (requires BISC 401) 4
BISC 413 Advanced Genetics Laboratory (requires BISC 403) 3
BISC 484 Computer Based Genetics Laboratory (requires BISC 401 or 403) 3

A literature-based course from a list of approved courses.

Additional Biology courses at the 300 level or above to a total of 33 credit hours.  BISC 100, BISC 207, and BISC 208 count towards the total of 33 credits. Six of the 33 credits may come from a list of approved courses from other academic units. A minimum grade of C (not C-) is required for the courses from other academic units, and none of them satisfy the requirement for a literature-based course.

Related Coursework

A grade of D (not D-) or better must be obtained in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Geology courses required for all Biological Sciences majors and minor.

Chemistry Courses
Course Name and Number Credit Hours
CHEM 103 or 107 General Chemistry I 4
CHEM 104 or 108 General Chemistry II 4
a. CHEM 213/215 Elementary Organic Chemistry, OR
b. CHEM 321/325 Organic Chemistry I and Lab
3 / 1
CHEM 214/216 Elementary Biochemistry and Lab 3 / 1
Physics Courses
Course Name and Number Credit Hours
PHYS 201 Introductory Physics I 4
PHYS 202 Introductory Physics II 4
Math Course
Course Name and Number Credit Hours
MATH 221 Calculus I OR 3
MATH 241 Analytic Geometry and Calculus A 4
Geology Courses
Course Name and Number Credit Hours
GEOL 107 General Geology 4
Geology elective 3 / 4
Education Courses
A minimum grade of C- is required in all EDUC and SCEN courses.
Course Name and Number Credit Hours
EDUC 413 Adolescent Development & Educational Psychology 4
EDUC 414 Teaching Exceptional Adolescents 3
EDUC 419 Diversity in Secondary Education 3
EDUC 420 Reading in the Content Areas 1
EDUC 400 Student Teaching 9
SCEN 491 Teaching Science in Secondary Schools 4

University and College requirements

Please note that students entering before Fall 2017 do not have a Capstone Experience requirement. Additional courses are needed for a grand total of 124 Credit Hours.


To be eligible for student teaching, Biological Sciences Education students must have a GPA of at least 2.75 in their BISC courses and an overall GPA of at least 2.50.

Praxis I (Core academic Skills for Educators) examination.  The State of Delaware requires a passing score on the Praxis I examination prior to certification.  This is a test of basic competencies in reading, writing and mathematics.  You must take the Praxis 1 examination upon the completion of 60 credits and/or prior to admission to the upper-level education courses.  See the Delaware Center for Teacher Education at UD (go to www.teachered.udel.edu, and click on the Praxis Registration Information tab).  See also Praxis II (Biology Subject Test) examination.  To receive the University’s institutional recommendation for certification you also need to pass the Biology subject test (Praxis II) by May 1st of your senior year.  See the Delaware Center for Teacher Education at UD (go to www.teachered.udel.edu, and click on the Praxis Registration Information tab).

For additional information on requirements, see the web page below that is produced by the College of Arts and Sciences Center for Secondary Education. https://www.secondaryed.udel.edu/

Certification in other states. States have varying requirements for teacher certification; Delaware has reciprocal certification agreements with many states.  See www.teachered.udel.edu to look up information for a particular state (click on the State Departments of Education tab.)

Check the web pages above regularly because these requirements are subject to change. For further information, contact the Biological Sciences Education advisor:

Professor Jennifer Nauen
Department of Biological Sciences
239 Wolf Hall
Phone: 302-831-4439
E-mail: jnauen@udel.edu