BISC 827 Seminar Evaluation

Presenter Information
Evaluator Information
Evaluation of Presenter
Please evaluate the effectiveness of the presenter and the professional demeanor of the speaker. Be as specific as you can in your comments and provide constructive ways for future improvement. You may comment on scientific aspects of the work as well, but please concentrate on the overall package keeping the academic level of the speaker in mind.
Did the slides look professional and neat? Was the color scheme used appropriate? Was the use of PowerPoint features (swooping slides etc) effective or annoying?
Did the seminar provide a clear introduction to the field, leading up to a testable hypothesis? Were the data/experiments effectively explained and their impact on the hypothesis clear? Conversely, if no solid data were presented, did the speaker provide possible reasons underlying the experimental difficulties? Was the future work proposed a logical extension of the prior work? If not, did the speaker justify the change in experimental focus? Were any elements in the talk given too much or too little emphasis?
Was the speaker appropriately dressed? Did they use professional body language? Was pointer use effective or distracting? Was the science presented using professional terms and grammar? Was the seminar give in the allotted time?
How did the speaker handle questions? This includes being respectful to the questioner, answering questions appropriately and showing a willingness to say "I do not know".