B.S. Degree in Biological Sciences with a Concentration in Biotechnology

Please note - Discontinued as of 2014

Download the Biotech Application Form. The application deadline for 2012 is Wednesday April 4.

Degree Requirements

I. Required lower level Biology courses

Course Name and Number Credit Hours
BISC 207 Introductory Biology I 4
BISC 208 Introductory Biology II 4
BISC 280 Fundamentals of Biotechnology 1

BISC 300 Introduction to Microbiology

BISC 305 Cell Physiology 3
BISC 401 Molecular Biology of the Cell 3
BISC 403 Genetic and Evolutionary Biology 3

II. Required lower level Biology Laboratory courses

Course Name and Number Credit Hours
BISC 315 Experimental Cell Biology 3

BISC 411 Experimental Molecular Biology of the Cell


III. Biology breadth requirement

Choose at least one from the following courses:

Course Name and Number Credit Hours
BISC 306 General Physiology 3
BISC 408 Mammalian Histology 4
BISC 471 Immunobiology 3

BISC 492 Human and Mammalian Cytogenetics


IV. Laboratory classes1

Choose three of the following courses:

Course Name and Number Credit Hours
BISC 468 Independent Research2 4
BISC 484 Computer Based Genetics Lab 3
BISC 601 Immunochemistry Laboratory 4

BISC 604 Nucleic Acids Laboratory

BISC 619 Gene Expression Laboratory 4

V. Required courses from other departments

Chemistry Courses3
Course Name and Number Credit Hours
CHEM 103 General Chemistry 4
CHEM 104 General Chemistry 4
CHEM 321 Organic Chemistry 4
CHEM 322 Organic Chemistry 4
a. CHEM 527 Introductory Biochemistry, OR
b. CHEM 641 Biochemistry and CHEM 643 Intermediary Metabolism
Physics Courses3
Course Name and Number Credit Hours
PHYS 201 Introductory Physics 4
PHYS 202 Introductory Physics 4
Math Course3
Course Name and Number Credit Hours
MATH 241 Analytic Geometry and Calculus A 4

VI. Upper division requirements1, 4, 5

Choose two courses from the following list:

  • ANSC 670 Principles of Molecular Genetics
  • BISC 600 Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine
  • BISC 602 Molecular Biology of Animal Cells
  • BISC 605 Advanced Mammalian Physiology
  • BISC 612 Advanced Cell Biology
  • BISC 615 Vertebrate Developmental Biology
  • BISC 654 Biochemical Genetics
  • BISC 656 Evolutionary Genetics
  • BISC 665 Eukaryotic Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • BISC 671 Advances in Immunology
  • BISC 679 Virology
  • BISC 693 Human Genetics
  • CHEM 645 Proteins: Structure and Function
  • CHEM 646 DNA-Protein Interactions
  • CHEM 648 Membrane Biochemistry

VII. University and College requirements for all Biological Sciences B.S. concentrations


  1. Any additional laboratory class (section IV) taken above the minimum of three may also count towards the upper division requirement (section VI).
  2. The four credits of BISC 468 must be taken with the same professor and must be over at least 2 semesters. An approved summer experience, such as University sponsored summer research, can substitute for 1 semester. UNIV 401 plus UNIV 402 or BISC 451 plus BISC 452 (6 credits total) can also substitute for BISC 468.
  3. A grade of D (not D-) or better must be obtained in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics courses required for all Biological Sciences majors and minor.
  4. Other upper division classes may also be approved at the discretion of the Undergraduate Programs Director.
  5. At least one must be a BISC course.