Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology

General information



All students will develop a plan of study in consultation with their advisor upon matriculation into the program.


The Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology has no thesis or dissertation requirements.

Financial aid

Students enrolled in this program are responsible for their own tuition and living expenses. Both the Department of Biological Sciences and University of Delaware Office of Financial Aid will provide assistance in identifying suitable fellowships, grants and loans to help finance their education.

Academic load / Completion timetable

It is expected that the Certificate in Biotechnology will be primarily a part-time program or pursued along with another graduate degree. As such, the only enrollment requirement is that matriculated students must enroll in at least one certificate class per academic year and the certificate must be completed within five years.

Normal progress towards degree is reviewed for all students in the program at the end of every academic year and is assessed based on grades and participation in program activities.

Upon completion of the Certificate requirements, the Director of the program will submit the approved plan of study form to the Office of Graduate and Professional Education for audit. The University will state on the student’s transcript that the Certificate in Biotechnology was awarded. A diploma for the certificate program is not awarded to the student.

Students failing to make satisfactory progress towards degree will be identified by the graduate affairs committee in consultation with the student’s academic advisor/program director. Recommendations for dismissal are made by the Department chair of Biological Sciences to the University of Delaware Office of Graduate studies.


Only graduate courses completed with a grade of B or higher fulfill the biological sciences core and the biotechnology-related course requirements for the Certificate in Biotechnology. Students receiving a B- or lower in a required core course are subject to dismissal from the program. However, they may file an appeal to the Department of Biological Sciences Graduate Affairs Committee for approval to retake the course and remain in the program. If the appeal is not approved, the Graduate Affairs Committee will recommend to the Office of Graduate Studies that the student be dismissed from the program.

Students who feel that they have been graded inappropriately or receive what they perceive as an unfair evaluation by a faculty member may file grievances in accordance with University of Delaware policies. Students are encouraged to contact the Department's Graduate Program Director prior to filing a formal grievance in an effort to resolve the situation informally.

Course substitution

All petitions for course substitutions and variances in the completion deadlines must be made to the Graduate Affairs Committee, Department of Biological Sciences. Only courses listed in the curriculum may count towards the degree unless a variance is granted by the Graduate Affairs Committee, Department of Biological Sciences.

English language requirements

Aside from the TOFEL admission requirement for foreign applicants, there are no specific requirements. However, successful completion of the degree will require fluency in both written and spoken English.