Histotechnology Core Laboratory


Department of Biomedical Research, A.I. duPont Hospital for Children

The Histotechnology Core Lab is happy to serve the University of Delaware as part of a collaborative effort to share resources and expand services for both facilities. The Core lab is part of Nemours Biomedical Research at the A.I. duPont Hospital for Children. Serving the hospital and external sites, the Core lab is a full service histology facility providing routine and special histology techniques, including clinical enzyme histochemistry, immunodiagnostics, laser microdissection and histomorphometrics.

The Core lab has been in operation since 1986, serving the hospital's research and clinical staff. The Core, which is separate from the hospital pathology services, is equipped with the following instrumentation:

  • Two automated microtomes
  • Two cryo-stats, and automated with tape system
  • Automated Leica processor, Leica embedding center, Sukura automated H&E stainer
  • Shannon cyto-spin for cytology samples and cultured cells
  • Manual and automated immunohistochemistry (Leica 2050 and LabVision 360) – IF/IP
  • Two Fisher in situ hybridization centers and a Perk and Elmer in situ–PCR
  • Four microscopes (light and fluorescent), with double cubes (Leica and Olympus)
  • Olympus image analysis system with ImagePro Plus software (6.2)
  • Leica LMD / LCM, services or training available for individual use
  • Histology consult services, antibody and probe development services
  • Plastics: JB4 and methyl methacrylate… and more

The core is staffed by ASCP certified histology technicians, and research technicians, and is CLIA certified. The lab has been in operation for over for over 20 years and our clinical services have been CLIA certified since 1994.

The Histotechnology Core lab has contributed to many abstracts, posters and papers, as well as publishing their own. The director will work with investigators to develop new techniques or refine old ones for specific research needs. All UD investigators will receive the discounted pricing given our departmental, in-house investigators.

Please call the lab director for more information on services or a consult.


Carol Barone, HT(ASCP)BAAS
Director, Histotechnology Core Lab
Nemours Biomedical Research
Email: cbarone@nemours.org
Office phone: (302) 651-6827
Lab phone: (302) 651-6771