Professional Science Master's Degree in Biotechnology

Program description

The PSM in Biotechnology requires 42 credits of graduate level course work consisting of:

Biological sciences—12 credits of graduate level course work in the biological sciences comprised of at least one course in each of three of the five following areas: Molecular Biology, Genetics, Cell Biology, Physiology and Microbiology. (Click here to see detailed requirements.)

Biotechnology—9 credits of graduate level courses in fields related to biotechnology including bioinformatics, engineering, chemistry, agriculture, food safety, health sciences and statistics. (Click here to see detailed requirements.) One class must be from the category “statistics” unless the student has prior coursework in statistics. This determination is made by the program director.

"Plus" courses—15 credits of “Plus” courses, one from each of the following five categories: ethics, intellectual property/legal regulatory affairs, survey of business or public administration, leadership and organizations and project management/decision making. The Plus courses are designed to provide the breadth of knowledge needed in the work world. You choose either a business/industry track or a government/nonprofit track to suit your employment goals. (Click here to see detailed requirements.)

Internship—6 credits of BISC 872, internship. The experiential portion of this class will in most cases be completed during a 7 month long, full time internship at a biotechnology company and be supervised jointly by a representative of the host company and a University of Delaware faculty member. (Click here for details about the Internship.)