Preparation for Health Professions

Please select your field of interest:

Optometry or Podiatry

Most of the suggestions made for medical school applicants are applicable here as well.

The procedures for review by the HPEC should be followed for these disciplines as well. Each has their own application requirements, but requires a Committee recommendation. Scores from a standardized test (usually the GRE or the MCAT) are required. Further information about these application procedures can be obtained at the following web sites:

Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy

Information about Physical Therapy should be obtained from the University of Delaware Department of Physical Therapy and information about Occupational Therapy from the American Occupational Therapy Association.

Nurse Practitioner

Information about Nurse Practitioners should be obtained from the University of Delaware School of Nursing.

Other medically-related programs

The HPEC does not evaluate students applying to chiropractic programs, physician-assistant programs or to programs in Public Health. However, we will try to assist you if you have an interest in one of these career tracks.

Advisement of veterinary school applicants takes place in the University of Delaware College of Agriculture & Natural Resources.