Professional Science Master's Degree in Biotechnology

The Professional Science Master’s (PSM) Degree in Biotechnology seeks to provide advanced, interdisciplinary didactic coursework in the life sciences, training in business applicable to scientific industry and experiential training in an industrial setting. Graduates will be poised to enter positions in diverse biotechnology industries.

The PSM in Biotechnology requires 36 credits of graduate level course work plus a 6-credit internship. The program consists of

  1. Courses in the biological sciences
  2. Courses in biotechnology
  3. “Plus” courses to develop breadth in a business/industry track or a government/non-profit track
  4. An internship

In UD’s professional science master’s degrees you don’t just learn it from a book, you experience it.

You'll be at a University where cutting-edge research of benefit to human health, biotechnology industry, environment and agriculture, is under way, and you will gain the education and training you need to advance in today’s workplace, developed by a premier research and graduate university working with leading industries.

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