Professional Science Master's Degree in Biotechnology

Degree requirements

Biological Sciences Core (12 credits)

Biotechnology-related science courses (9 credits)

PSM Plus component (15 credits)

Internship (6 credits)

Biological Sciences Core (12 credits)

at least 12 credits, four classes; must include classes from at least three of the five following categories

Cell Biology                                                          

BISC612 Advanced Cell Biology (3 credits)

BISC625 Cancer Biology (3 credits)

BISC671 Cellular and Molecular Immunology (4 credits)

PLSC635 Plant Developmental Biology (3 credits)

ANFS671 Paradigms in Cell Signaling (3 credits)

BISC639 Developmental Neurobiology (4 credits)

BISC690 Fundamentals of Pharmacology (3 credits)

BMEG605 Princ of BME I: Molec and cell systems (3 credits)



BISC654 Biochemical Genetics (3 credits)

BISC656 Evolutionary Genetics (3 credits)

BISC693 Human Genetics (3 credits)

PLSC636 Plant Genes and Genomes (3 credits)



ANFS635 Animal Virology (3 credits)

ANFS639 Food Microbiology (3 credits)

BISC682 Bacterial Pathogens; molecular mechanisms (3 credits)

BISC679 Virology (3 credits)

PLSC619 Soil Microbiology (4 credits)

PLSC629 Introduction to Fungi (4 credits)

MAST618 Marine microbial ecology (3 credits)

MAST625 Microbial Physiology and Diversity (3 credits)


Molecular Biology                                      

ANFS670 Principles of Molecular Genetics (3 credits)

BISC602 Molecular Biology of Animal Cells (3 credits)

CHEM642 Biochemistry II (3 credits)



BISC605 Advanced Mammalian Physiology (4 credits)

BISC615 Vertebrate Developmental Biology (3 credits)

BISC675 Cardiovascular Physiology (3 credits)

KAAP651 Neurophysiological Basis of Human Movement (3 credits)

BISC606 Advanced Mammalian Physiology II (4 credits)

BISC627 Advanced Neurophysiology (3 credits)

BMEG606 Princ of BME II: Tissue and organ systems (3 credits)


Biotechnology-related science courses (9 credits)

Three courses from the following list adding up to at least 9 credits, one must be from the category “statistics” unless the student has documented prior exposure to statistical analysis of data

Agriculture/food science

ANFS628 Food Chemistry (4 credits)

ANFS629 Food Analysis (4 credits)

ANFS636 Immunology of domestic animals (3 credits)

ANFS637 Avian immunology (3 credits)

ANFS643 Food engineering technology (3 credits)

ANFS649 Food biotechnology (4 credits)

PLSC603 Soil physics (3 credits)

ENWC611 Insect pest management (3 credits)

ENWC610 Medical, Veterinary, and forensic entomology (3 credits)

ENWC619 Biological control (3 credits)

ENWC805 Insect-plant chemical ecology (3 credits)



BINF644 Bioinformatics (3 credits)

CISC636 Introduction to bioinformatics (3 credits)

CISC841 Bioinformatics (3 credits)

MAST697 Bioinformatics programming for Biologists (3 credits)

MAST698 Environmental and systems bioinformatics (3 credits)

BINF650 Protein Modifications (3 credits)

BINF694 Systems Biology I (3 credits)

BINF695 Computational System Biology (3 credits)

BINF816 Systems Biology of Cells in Engineered Environments (3 credits)



CHEM641 Biochemistry (3 credits)

CHEM645 Proteins, Structure and Function (3 credits)

CHEM646 DNA-Protein Interactions (3 credits)

CHEM686 Biophysical Chemistry (3 credits)

CHEM653 Bioinorganic Chemistry (3 credits)

CHEM681 Green Chemistry (3 credits)

CHEM643 Intermediary Metabolism (3 credits)

CHEM684 Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids (3 credits)

PLSC608/CHEM608 Environmental Soil Chemistry (3 credits)



CHEG621 Metabolic engineering (3 credits)

CHEG625 Green Engineering (3 credits)

CHEG650 Biomedical Engineering (3 credits)

ELEG670 Biophysics of excitable membranes (3 credits)

ELEG671 Introduction to biomedical engineering (3 credits)

ELEG675 Image processing with biomedical applications (3 credits)

ELEG678 Introduction to nano and biophotonics (3 credits)

ELEG679 Introduction to medical imaging systems (3 credits)

MEEG612 Biomechanics of human movement (3 credits)

MEEG682 Clinical biomechanics (3 credits)

MEEG683 Orthopedic Biomechanics (3 credits)

MEEG684 Biomaterials and tissue engineering (3 credits)

MEEG685 Control of human movement (3 credits)

MEEG686 Cell and tissue transport (3 credits)

BMEG679 Introduction to Medical Imaging Systems (3 credits)

CHEG624 Bio-Based Materials (3 credits)

ELEG801 Advanced Topics in Biomedical Engineering (3 credits)


Health Sciences

BISC600 Biotechnology and molecular medicine (3 credits)

NURS687 Nursing Sciences Research (3 credits)

NURS621 Advanced pathophysiology (3 credits)

NURS622 Advanced pharmacology (3 credits)

PHYT623 Clinical Neuroscience (3 credits)


Advanced Laboratory Techniques

BISC601 Immunochemistry (4 credits)

BISC604 Nucleic Acids Laboratory (4 credits)

CHEM679 Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy (3 credits)


Statistics/data analysis

BISC643 Biological Data Analysis (3 credits)

STAT608 Statistical Research Methods (3 credits)

STAT609 Regression and Experimental Design (3 credits)

STAT611 Regression Analysis (3 credits)

STAT615 Design and Analysis of Experiments (3 credits)

STAT616 Advanced Design of Experiments (3 credits)

STAT621 Survival Analysis (3 credits)

STAT656 Biostatistics (3 credits)

STAT674 Applied Data Base Management (3 credits)

STAT675 Logistic Regression (3 credits)


PSM Plus component (15 credits)

PSM students will take at least 15 credits of business/management coursework in addition to their science core distributed among the categories listed below

Survey of Business

BUAD700 Survey of Business* (preferred) (3 credits)

ACCT800 Financial Reporting and Analysis (3 credits)


Leadership and Organizations 

BUAD870 Leadership and Organizational Behavior (3 credits)

BUAD872 Organizational Development and Change (3 credits)

UAPP761 Conflict Resolution Collab Prob Solving (3 credits)


Project Management, Operations or Entrepreneurship (select 1)

BUAD811 Globalization and Business (3 credits)

BUAD831 Operations Management and Management Science (3 credits)

BUAD871 Managing for Creativity and Innovation (3 credits)

ENTR860 High Tech Entrepreneurship (3 credits)

MISY840 Project Management and Costing (3 credits)

UAPP827 Program and Project Analysis (3 credits)

UAPP698 Management Decision Making in Public & NP Sectors (3 credits)

UAPP697 Leading Organizations in Public & NP Sectors (3 credits)


Intellectual Property 

CHEG595 Intellectual Property for Engineers and Scientists (3 credits)



BUAD840 Ethical Issues in Global Business Environments (3 credits)

BINF815 Ethics, Business & Communication (3 credits)

*BUAD700 meets prerequisites for BUAD831 and BUAD871


Internship (6 credits)

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