Professional Science Master's Degree in Biotechnology

General information


All students will develop a plan of study in consultation with their advisor upon matriculation into the program.

The director of the program will compile a list of University of Delaware faculty members who are willing serve as academic advisors for PSM Biotechnology students. Students will select advisors from this list who have expertise most appropriate for their career interests within the first two weeks after matriculation. The academic advisor in consultation with the program director will provide guidance on course selection and the academic advisor will also be responsible helping the student formulate the expectations for their internship experience and for evaluating the student’s capstone internship report.

It is highly encouraged that part-time students working in biotechnology-related fields work with both their UD academic advisor and employer prior to matriculation to develop a comprehensive professional development plan that coordinates PSM Biotechnology degree requirements with work responsibilities.

Course substitution

All petitions for course substitutions and variances in the completion deadlines must be made to the Graduate Affairs Committee, Department of Biological Sciences.


Only graduate courses completed with a grade of B or higher fulfill the biological sciences core and the biotechnology-related course requirements for the PSM in Biotechnology. Students must also complete BISC872, internship with a grade of at least B.  Students receiving a B- or lower in a required core course are subject to dismissal from the program.  However, they may file an appeal to the Department of Biological Sciences Graduate Affairs Committee for approval to retake the course and remain in the program.  If the appeal is not approved, the Graduate Affairs Committee will recommend to the Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences that the student be dismissed from the program.

Students must also earn a minimum index of 3.0 in all “plus” component courses attempted to earn the PSM in Biotechnology.

All graduate courses successfully completed with a B or higher that were applied towards earned graduate certificates, but not graduate degrees, at the University of Delaware will be directly applicable to the PSM in Biotechnology.


Academic timetable

Full-time students will enroll in at least 9 credits of classes per semester (fall and spring), however, in order to complete the degree in two years, the student will need to enroll in 12 credits of classes at least two semesters. Part-time students are expected to enroll in at least one class per regular academic semester to remain matriculated in the program and are expected to complete their degree within five years. A timeline for the degree is as follows:

Semester 1- enroll in 9 credits of coursework
Semester 2- enroll in 12 credits of coursework
Semester 3- enroll in 12 credits of coursework
Winter after semester 3- begin internship
Semester 4- enroll in BISC 872 internship and single remaining didactic course (Plus course taken during evening hours, 9 credits)
Summer after semester 3- sustaining status, complete internship and final report, graduate

Normal progress towards degree is reviewed for all students in the program at the end of every academic semester and is assessed based on grades, participation in program activities and performance in the internship.

Program objectives

Five student learning goals are defined. Students will:

  1. Have advanced knowledge of the discipline of biotechnology
  2. Have experience working with interdisciplinary teams on biotechnology
  3. Achieve competence in scientific communication
  4. Be knowledgeable in scientific business ethics
  5. Understand the application of business/management theory to science