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Departmental Equipment

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​The following list contains large pieces of scientific equipment available for use by any employee or graduate student in the Department of Biological Sciences. Please note that certain pieces of equipment can only be operated by specific department employees and/or require payment for use.

​Item ​Location ​Contact
​Beckman L70 Ultracentrifuge

Rotors: SW40, SW41 TI, Type 60 TI, SW50, Type 35, Type 80TI
​248 Wolf HallDeni Galileo​
​Sorvall Super Speed RC-5B Centrifuge

Rotors: F13--14X50CY, KA14250, KA14250, KA-21.50, SM-124
​251 Wolf Hall
Jim Farmer​
​Beckman Optima XPN 80 Ultracentrifuge

Rotors: 70TI fixed angle, SW41TI, SW32TI
301 Wolf Hall​
​Molly Sutherland
Beckman Optima Max-XP Tabletop Ultracentrifuge

Rotors: TLA100.3, TLA55 FA, TLS55 SB
​301 Wolf HallMolly Sutherland
​Sorvall Super Speed RC-5B

Rotors: GSA, SS34, SA600
307 Wolf Hall​
​Jim Farmer
​New Brunswick E24 Tabletop Incubator/Shaker​251 Wolf Hall​Jim Farmer
​Marathon Tabletop Centrifuge​252 Wolf Hall​Ben Rohe
​Biorad Chemidoc Gel Imager​252 Wolf Hall​Ben Rohe
​Thermofisher Nanodrop one spectrophotometer​252 Wolf Hall​Melinda Duncan/Ben Rohe
​Promega Glomax Plate Reader​252 Wolf Hall​Ben Rohe
​Quantstudio6 Real-time PCR Machine​252 Wolf Hall​​Melinda Duncan/Ben Rohe
​Bio-Rad T100 Thermal Cycler​252 Wolf Hall​Ben Rohe
​Zeiss Axiophot Microscope​303 Wolf Hall​Erica Selva
​LSM 880 Confocal Microscope with Airyscan
​304 Wolf Hall​Sylvain LeMarchand/Jeff Caplan at DBI
​Leica CM3050S Cryostat
​331 Wolf Hall​Debbie Powell at DBI
​Thermofisher DNA Speedvac​307 Wolf Hall​Ramona Neunuebel
​Microfluidics LV1 Microfluidizer for cell breakage​307 Wolf Hall​Ramona Neunuebel
​Lonza 4-D Nucleofector
​335 Wolf Hall
Ramona Neunuebel​
​Konica SRX-101A Western Blot developer​344 Wolf Hall
​Jim Farmer
​ProteinSimple Simple Western 'WES' Automated Capillary Electrophoresis
​351B Wolf Hall
​Justin Parreno

Other Departmental Equipment

​Item ​Location ​Contact
Cold Room
​260 Wolf Hall
Jim Farmer
​Cold Room​336 Wolf HallJim Farmer
​Cold Room​352 Wolf HallJim Farmer
​Autoclave249 Wolf Hall​Jim Farmer
​342 Wolf Hall​Jim Farmer
​Ice Machine​019 Wolf HallJim Farmer
​Ice Machine253 Wolf HallJim Farmer
​​Ice Machine​301 Wolf Hall​Jim Farmer
​Millipore DI water system​301 Wolf HallJim Farmer
​Dishwasher​249 Wolf HallJim Farmer
​Dishwasher​342 Wolf Hall​Jim Farmer
​-80 Freezer for emergency storage
307 Wolf Hall​Jim Farmer
​-80 Freezer for emergency storage307 Wolf Hall
​Jim Farmer

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Departmental Equipment
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Departmental Equipment
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