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Undergraduate Advisement

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Academic Advising System

Please reach out to our department Academic Advisor, Lori Moss at, if you need assistance with advisement or course registration.

Course Selection

This is especially important for students early in their careers so that they follow a plan that will lead them to graduation in four years. However, upper classmen can also benefit from meetings with their advisors to discuss specific options within Biology including research opportunities.

Transfer Credits

Many students take classes at other institutions and need to have these courses evaluated for their transferability to UD. These decisions are made by the Undergraduate Program Director.

Minors in other Departments

Many students may wish to pursue minors in other areas or to consider changing their major from Biology. Students are urged to speak with their advisors before following these possibilities.

Senior Checkout

This is a mandatory review of each student's record to determine if all requirements have been met. There are two parts to the review. The first is done by the Undergraduate Program Director and covers the student's Biology and related coursework. The second is done by the Undergraduate Academic Services or Asst. Dean's Office and covers College and University requirements. These reviews are completed in the fall for students planning to graduate the following spring. It is important to note that the student does not initiate the process, which is a change from earlier procedures.

Advisement Resources outside of Biology

Biological Sciences majors study introductory biology, chemistry, and physics, and then select from upper level courses in a variety of specialized areas of biology to fulfill the major. Laboratory experiences contribute to understanding of how biologists study the natural world, and help make what is learned practical. Many majors choose to expand on the laboratory course experience with a research project, which may culminate in a thesis and graduation with a Degree with Distinction or with an Honors Degree with Distinction.

In addition, Biological Sciences majors who would like to apply what they have learned to helping others to learn can enlist for a supervised teaching assistant experience in an undergraduate laboratory course.

For students with a high degree of academic motivation, the department offers Honors versions of many courses, where class sizes allow deeper study and close student-faculty interaction.

Students with interests in Pharmacy or Dental School should make that known to the Undergraduate Program Director who will assign an advisor with specific expertise.


The NUCLEUS Program in the College of Arts and Sciences is an undergraduate academic support services program that helps the university retain and graduate students. NUCLEUS provides a supportive environment at the University of Delaware that encourages academic success and professional development.

Student Support Services Program

The Student Support Services Program provides academic assistance, personal support, cultural enrichment, and individual support for eligible undergraduate students. Its primary objectives are to assist participants to maintain good academic standing, to persist in college, and ultimately to graduate from the University with a baccalaureate degree.

Center for Counseling & Student Development

The Center for Counseling & Student Development helps students figure out an appropriate major or career by assessing their interests, abilities, and values. They also have a career library that provides information on over 850 occupations.

Web Advisement Tools

Biological Sciences Career Exploration Links

The Biology Major Resource Kit at the Career Services Center lists sources of information about occupations and educational programs. A search of this page is an excellent starting point for identifying your interests and finding out how to be prepared to pursue the biology-related career of your choice.

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