Jane Noble-Harvey, Ph.D.


  • BISC 110* - Viruses, Genes, and Cancer
  • BISC 207 - Introductory Biology I
  • BISC 300 - Introduction to Microbiology
  • BISC 498-012 - Topics in Infectious Disease

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Research Interests

My current interests and efforts in course development have been strongly influenced by my past research experiences and my work experiences. My research areas have included the molecular biology of poliovirus replication, the acid lability of human rhinoviruses, and interactions of rhinoviruses with human cells during the process of infection. Also I have worked at public health laboratories of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the State of California. This background, plus my training in many areas of microbiology in a medical school setting; have biased my interests toward human health and disease, particularly toward human cancer and infectious microbial diseases.

Topics which concern human disease, and its prevention are becoming more and more important to us all. Recently we have seen the failure of traditional antibiotics which once protected us against bacterial infections, the emergence of new diseases, and the re-emergence of ancient infectious diseases. These challenges are being countered by new, creative approaches in treatment. In addition, we are all being urged to participate more actively in our own health care, so education in health related areas is crucial. My teaching reflects these current concerns and the exciting road ahead of us in health care.

My students and I have benefited recently from the use of problem-based learning in several of my courses, and I expect to be active in further teaching innovation and enrichment, which enhance the learning experience.

Selected Publications

Associate Professor

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Department of Biological Sciences
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  • B.S. - Simmons College
  • Ph.D. - University of California at San Francisco
  • Postdoctoral - E.I. duPont de Nemours and Co.