Malcolm H. Taylor, Ph.D.


  • BISC 667 - Fish Biology

Research Interests

The primary focus of our current research is the environmental and endocrine control of reproduction in fish.

We have described a semilunar spawning cycle in the tide marsh killifish Fundulus heteroclitus and are now concentrating on the environmental and endocrine factors which control the cycle. Specifically, laboratory studies are underway on the function of ovarian contraction in this species.

A second project is aimed at understanding sexual differentiation, local distribution and seaward migration of the American eel.

Sound production in the weakfish and effects of toxins on fish development are areas of recent interest.

Selected Publications

Professor Emeritus

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Office: 234 Wolf Hall

Department of Biological Sciences
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University of Delaware
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  • B.A. - Franklin and Marshall College
  • Ph.D. - Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • Postdoctoral - University of Pittsburgh