William Cain, Ph.D.


  • BISC 306 - General Physiology
  • BISC 326 - General Physiology Discussion
  • BISC 484 - Computer based Genetics Laboratory
  • BISC 601 - Immunochemistry
  • BISC 604 - Nucleic Acids Laboratory

Research Interests

I currently conduct research in close association with Dr. David Usher at the University of Delaware and Dr. Daniel Rader at the University of Pennsylvania. This research focuses on lipoprotein function in humans and other vertebrates. I have two main research interests:

  • Metabolism of Lipoprotein(a). High plasma levels of lipoprotein(a) are considered a risk factor for coronary heart disease and yet we presently know very little about the mechanisms involved in it's plasma clearance. We are presently examining the mechanisms involved in the plasma clearance of Lp(a) in genetically modified mice.
  • Evolution of Lipoproteins. We are examining lipoprotein metabolism in turtles with specific interest in the identification of apolipoproteins with homology to human apolipoproteins.

Selected Publications

Associate Professor

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Email: will@udel.edu

Office: 329 Wolf Hall

Department of Biological Sciences
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University of Delaware
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  • B.S., Ph.D. - University of Delaware