Visitor Information

The University of Delaware campus is located in Newark, Delaware, which is about 20 minutes away from Wilmington, an hour from either Philadelphia or Baltimore, two hours from Washington D.C., and two and a half hours from New York City.

The main office of the Department of Biological Sciences is located in 118 Wolf Hall. Most departmental faculty offices and labs are either in Wolf Hall or McKinly Lab.

Wolf Hall

Wolf Hall A gift from Pierre S. duPont, Wolf Hall was completed in 1917 to house the agricultural science and chemistry programs. Named in honor of Dr. Theodore R. Wolf, Professor of Chemistry from 1871 to 1901 and the first UD faculty member to earn a Ph.D., the building was also used at various times by the Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. It was remodeled in 1952, additions were added in 1963 and 2002, and additional renovations were completed in 1974 and 2003. It currently houses the Departments of Biological Sciences and Psychology.