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Departmental Staff

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  • Betty Cowgill
    Academic Support Coordinator
    Graduate student advising
    (302) 831-1841
    118 Wolf Hall
  • Patricia Dean
    Administrative Assistant III
    Financial processor (Concur transactions, Purchase Orders, Reimbursements)
    (302) 831-4297
    118 Wolf Hall
  • Jim Farmer
    Facility Coordinator
    Building operations, maintenance and lab remodels.
    (302) 831-2307
    115B Wolf Hall
  • Heather Justison
    Administrative Assistant III
    Graduate and undergraduate student payroll processing
    (302) 831-0443
    118F Wolf Hall
  • Lori May
    Sponsored Programs Coordinator
    Grant application submission and post award management
    (302) 831-8759
    118E Wolf Hall
  • Lori Moss
    Academic Advisor I
    Undergraduate student advising
    (302) 831-2282
    118 Wolf Hall
  • Alvin Ng
    Computer Support Specialist II
    Information Technology – systems operations, management and support
    (302) 831-2046
    308 Wolf Hall
  • Traci Parman
    Business Administrator II
    Fiscal and administrative management; HR Liaison
    (302) 831-8944
    118G Wolf Hall
  • Jamie Quesenberry
    Shop Manager
    Equipment fabrication for research and teaching labs. Equipment maintenance and repair.
    (302) 831-2549
    006 McKinly Lab
  • Melanie Stille
    Administrative Assistant II
    Assistant to the Chair: Communications, Seminars, Events, Travel
    (302) 831-4296
    118 Wolf Hall

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Departmental Staff
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  • Department of Biological Sciences
  • 105 The Grn, Room 118 Wolf Hall
  • Newark, DE 19716, USA
  • University of Delaware
  • Phone: 302-831-6977