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B.S. Degree in Biological Sciences

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Degree Requirements

Your major requirements will depend on when you entered UD (your "Catalog Year"). Students have the option of changing to a subsequent Catalog Year.

BISC451 & BISC452 Guidelines

Students who are registered for BISC451 must meet with their research mentor in early September to pick the senior thesis committee. The committee will be composed of the research mentor, the Associate Chair of Biological Sciences and a third faculty member from the University of Delaware. With guidance from research mentors, students will construct plans for completing thesis research. Toward the middle of September a plan must be presented to the thesis committee. Once the plan is agreed upon, a student will write a two or three page research proposal that will be signed by the student and mentor and then sent to the committee members.  In late November of early December, the student must meet again with the thesis committee to review progress. The committee then determines a grade based on benchmarks outlined in the research proposal. The committee will also outline work that still must be completed for the thesis. For BISC452, the student must meet with the research mentor early in February to confirm the plan for finishing the thesis. Toward the end of March, thesis research should have been completed and writing begun. The writing of the thesis will be overseen by the research mentor. Once the thesis has been approved by the mentor, it will be sent to committee members and a thesis defense scheduled. The thesis must be defended by the middle of May. After the defense the committee chair must submit a completed Senior Thesis Defense Results Form to the Undergraduate Programs Director. (Patricia Walsh

UNIV 401 & 402 Guidelines

See Undergraduate Research Program. Students with interest in research, teaching experience and/or medical or dental careers are directed to the appropriate pages on the Biology web site.

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B.S. in Biological Sciences
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