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Biology is the study of life from the smallest molecular details to the largest ecological interactions.

The 40 faculty members in the Department of Biological Sciences reflect this diversity, with their collective expertise that covers the scope modern biology. Undergraduate majors in Biology interact with faculty in several ways, through lecture and laboratory classroom experiences, advisement, and mentored projects in research laboratories. These experiences within and outside of the classroom prepare students to think critically, to better understand the nature of science, and to make reasoned decisions about scientific issues that impact their professional and personal lives.

Students who major in the biological sciences are frequent visitors to the Department's physical home in Wolf Hall (a building with Georgian architecture that fronts on the main campus mall) and the neighboring McKinly Laboratory. The McKinly facility contains laboratory classrooms with state-of-the art instructional equipment, as well as the department's computer classroom site. The Undergraduate Programs office is housed in 115 Wolf Hall, and welcomes students seeking information about the policies and procedures necessary to complete degree requirements in the biological sciences or preparing for evaluation by the Health Science Advisement and Evaluation Committee as a prelude to medical or dental school application.

Biological Sciences faculty research laboratories are located within both the McKinly Laboratory and Wolf Hall facilities. Most faculty typically sponsor several undergraduate independent study experiences at any one time. The students working on these research projects may receive support from the Summer Scholars Program, which  offers fellowships from, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), the Charles Peter White Fund, and the Science and Engineering Program. Fellowships are also available through the University‚Äôs INBRE Program. The University of Delaware is one of only ten universities nationwide to receive a National Science Foundation Recognition Award for the Integration of Research and Education, acknowledging "bold leadership" in integrating opportunities to experience scientific research first-hand into undergraduate educational programs.

The Department commitment to undergraduate education takes many forms. Full time faculty teach all of the lecture and many of the laboratory courses in biology, and class sizes are smaller than the typical average for biology departments housed within research universities. Several members of the faculty have received the University's Excellence in Teaching Award, or other campus awards that acknowledge enthusiasm for guiding undergraduates in their study of biology.

Recent faculty recognition:

In addition, grants to the department or university from agencies such as the HHMI, the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Education's Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education, and the Pew Charitable Trusts have enabled the faculty to incorporate innovative strategies such as problem-based learning and use of instructional technology into our undergraduate biology courses. The department is host to a campus-wide science education seminar series, and is well-represented at campus teaching workshops and institutes that attract faculty interested in keeping current about national trends and issues in undergraduate education.

We encourage you to learn more about undergraduate study in the Department of Biological Sciences by viewing the information on this site, or by contacting the Undergraduate Programs Office at (302) 831-2282 if we can provide additional help.

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Undergraduate Programs Welcome
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