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Majors and Minors in Biology

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Your degree requirements depend on your your starting year of study (also called your “catalog year”) and declared major:

  1. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Biological Sciences (with an Honors option) is popular with students who are double-majoring or adding a minor or multiple minors. It  requires 33 biology credits (out of 124 degree credits), so there is ample room to explore other areas of interest.

  2. Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biological Sciences is often selected by students who wish to take more of their degree credits in Biology, and want flexibility in choosing the topics they explore. It requires 43 credits in Biology (out of 124 degree credits).

  3. BS in Biological Sciences with a Concentration in Cell and Molecular Biology & Genetics (with an Honors option) is popular with students interested in a more directed program.  It requires 43 credits in Biology (out of 124 degree credits); students focus on coursework in cell and molecular biology and genetics.

  4. BS in Biological Sciences with a Concentration in Pharmaceutical Sciences is selected by students who plan to train for a career in pharmacy and are interested in attending Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) School of Pharmacy. This is a 3+4 joint program between the University of Delaware and Philadelphia’s Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) School of Pharmacy. Students earn their BS from UD after successfully completing their UD degree requirements at TJU (typically after 1 year of TJU study),  and earn their Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree after successfully completing their 4th year at TJU.

  5. BA in Biological Sciences Education (with an Honors option) is selected by students interested in high school teaching (also called secondary education). Successfully completing both the degree and the UD institutional recommendation requirements earns the candidate UD institutional recommendation for certification. Depending on the state in which the student plans to work, there may be additional requirements for certification.

Minors in the Biological Sciences (for students majoring outside of Biology):

  1. Biology 

  2. Computational Biology

Some popular minors chosen by Biology majors

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Majors and Minors in Biology
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Majors and Minors in Biology
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