Seung M Hong, Ph.D.


  • BISC207 - Introductory Biology I
  • BISC276 - Human Physiology
  • BISC316 - Experimental Physiology
  • BISC603 - Introduction to Laboratory Instruction

Selected Publications

  • Hong, S.M. and Laverty, G (2010). Fundulus melanophores: from Physiology to Cell Biology. In: Clase K, ed. Tested studies for laboratory teaching. Vol. 32. Proceedings of the 31st Workshop/Conference of the Association for Biology Laboratory Education (ABLE).
  • Laverty, G. and Hong, S.M. (2009). Integrating physiology and cell biology in undergraduate inquiry-based laboratory courses. 2009 Experimental Biology meeting abstracts, Abstract # 632.6.
  • Hong, S.M., Laverty, G and Baer, D. (2008). Writing-to-know in investigative physiology laboratory instruction. 2008 Experimental Biology meeting abstracts, Abstract # 767.7.
  • Hong, S. M., Cifelli, S., Smith, S. A., Smith, E. J., and Meyer, C. (2007). Chromatophores and Color Changes for Investigative Physiology Laboratory Instruction. 2007 Experimental Biology meeting abstracts, Abstract # 478.10.
  • Hong, S.M. and Taylor, M.H. (2005). Physiological color changes in lower vertebrates used in an investigative physiology course. 2005 Experimental Biology and the XXXV International Congress of Physiological Sciences meeting abstracts. Abstract # 186.17.
  • Hong, S.M. and Creaven, T.E. (2002). What is the “happy-medium” instruction for TAs with varied experiences? A Case Study: Innovative Approaches to TA Preparation for Lab Instruction. In: Ready to teach: Graduate Teaching Assistants Prepare for Today and for Tomorrow, W Davis, J Smith, R Smith, eds. New Forum Press Inc, Stillwater, OK. U.S.A., pp. 51-56.
  • Hong, S.M., Rollag, M.D., Ramirez, J., and Stetson, M.H. (1993). A single injection of adrenergic agonists enhances pineal melatonin production in Turkish hamsters. Journal of Pineal Research 14:138-144.
  • Hong, S.M. and Stetson, M.H. (1988). Termination of gonadal refractoriness in Turkish hamsters, Mesocricetus brandti Biology of Reproduction 38:639-643.
  • Hong, S.M. and Stetson, M.H. (1987). Detailed diurnal rhythm of sensitivity to melatonin injections in Turkish hamsters, Mesocricetus brandti. Journal of Pineal Research 4:69-78.
  • Hong, S.M. and Stetson, M.H. (1986). Functional maturation of the gonads of Turkish hamsters under various photoperiods. Biology of Reproduction 35:858-862.
  • Hong, S.M., Rollag, M.D. and Stetson, M.H. (1986). Maintenance of testicular function in Turkish hamsters: Interaction of photoperiod and the pineal gland. Biology of Reproduction 34:527-531.
  • Park, Y.S., Lee-Hong, S.M. and Kim, M.S. (1980). Kinetics of renal organic acid transport. Journal of National Academy of Science (Natural Science) 21:250.
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  • Park, Y.S., Lee-Hong, S.M. and Hwang, A.E. (1976). Changes in renal Na+-K+-ATPase activity nd PAH transport kinetics in uninephrectomized rats and cold exposed hamsters. Yonsei Medical Journal 20:8-16.

Physiology Lab Coordinator
Assistant Professor

Phone: (302) 831-2898


Office: 203 Wolf Hall

Department of Biological Sciences
Wolf Hall
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716


  • B.S. - Yonsei University (Seoul, Korea)
  • Ph.D. - University of Delaware